Engineering Services

Project Management

PRI Project Managers have the responsibility of planning, procuring and executing projects. They have a defined start and a defined finish to each project, and make sure PRI is on schedule. If a problem or sudden alteration arises, they are quick to act and fix the problem. The metro transit industry moves incredibly fast. PRI Project Managers are faster.


PRI Engineers work to create equipment that must function in one of the harshest environments; the New York City metropolitan area. Whether it is a CCTV system hundreds of feet below Manhattan, remote terminal units along the sandy shores of Long Island, or a PACIS systems in the humid summer air inside a subway station in the Bronx, the equipment must be fully functional, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

PRI Engineers plan, test, and research a multitude of devices to see which devices are the best options to satisfy our customers’ needs. They also ensure each piece can communicate with another to create a fully functional device and system.


PRI Programmers have a lot relying on them. Whether it is tunnel ventilation, train scheduling/ tracking, or networking addresses, 100% clear and fast communication is necessary. Millions of people rely upon the tracking and signals that PRI equipment provides. Whether it is adding new lines to an existing code, coming up with an original code, or somewhere in between, PRI will program complex items in a quick and efficient manner.


With some projects, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment isn’t up to the specifications of the client. PRI has some of the brightest Engineers and Management who can both create and manufacture solutions to what was before an unanswerable question. PRI has come up with multiple solutions to fit constraints and meet the most extreme specifications in any project.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a major part of PRI. We hold ourselves to manufacturing, producing, programming and creating only the best products and equipment. The QA Team reviews all submittals, drawings, documents, software, and equipment before it is sent or shipped to our clients. This ensures each item is up to par with the specifications and will fully satisfy the needs of our clients.


Everything PRI manufactures is fabricated in-house in our shop. Shop Guys, Management, and Engineers work collaboratively, allowing for quick answers to any questions or comments during the building period.

All testing is done in the shop with Engineers and the QA Team to ensure the product is 100% functional and up to the high standards of PRI. We make sure every single one of our products is fully functional before leaving the shop. Any defects are found and fixed before our client gets the final product.

Training & Field Support

Anyone can buy a new product. However, they may not know how to use it. PRI will train and provide the necessary support to ensure full functionality of the equipment, programs, and/or devices. We will make sure all the workers, employees, and programmers know how to use the devices we have created and fabricated for them. In case of a problem or malfunction within warranty, PRI will send maintenance crews into the field to diagnose any problems and fix them.