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Long Beach SCADA Cabinets Ready for Install

West Babylon, NY – PRI has completed fabrication and testing of the new SCADA cabinets to be used along the Long Beach Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) branch from Long Beach Station to Valley Stream as part of the LIRR Long Beach SCADA project. The new SCADA System will allow for better/quicker review and control of the tracks, interlockings, and grade/street crossings along the Long Beach Branch.

The new cabinets are currently being delivered and installed at their final locations, which include the Jamaica Control Center (Jamaica, Queens), Lead Tower (Long Beach), and Valley Tower (Valley Stream). Installation and cutover of the new system is expected to be done April 2021.

The Long Beach Supervisory Control System (LBSCS) consists of two subsystems: The Central Traffic Control (CTC) and the LAN. The CTC System is being implemented using the Dispatch X Platform, and the LAN is being implemented using commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware.

For more information, contact PRI at 631-643-3170.