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PRI Awarded 2nd Track MG Replacement Contract

PRI has been awarded LIRR Contract #6305: Main Line 2nd Track Motor Generator Replacements. PRI will be procuring, manufacturing and installing 2 new modular Motor Generator Buildings in Deer Park and Ronkonkoma Stations as well as procuring and installing a Motor Generator at Grumman Station.

This contract is a part of LIRR’s Double Track Project, which is introducing 13 miles of a brand new 2nd track between Farmingdale and Ronkonkoma stations. Construction of an uninterrupted 2nd track on the Ronkonkoma line has been part of the LIRR’s vision for decades. In addition to the new track, the project will include new platforms and station rehabilitation at Pinelawn and Wyandanch Stations, as well as procurement, testing and installation of new signal equipment for the entire Farmingdale to Ronkonkoma segment.

For more information on the whole 2nd Track Project, see the official page at http://www.amodernli.com/project/doubletrack/.