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PRI Helps to Complete “West Portal”

On May 18, 2018, the LIRR announced the completion of what is being called the “West Portal”. It is the latest milestone in the privately funded, half billion-dollar transformation of the LIRR Vanderbilt Yard, located in Brooklyn. Working with our partner Railware, PRI provided the train control system for the new Vanderbilt Yard. PRI also provided the Motor Generator system used to provide signal power to the new yard and provided the SCADA control cabinets for the new facility and traction power substations.

The new portal increases accessibility for all LIRR trains terminating in Brooklyn. The empty trains used to backtrack east about a half-mile into the Atlantic Avenue rail tunnel, come to a full stop, and then return west to access the rail yard for servicing and storage before being put back into service. That old process blocked other trains from using the tunnel for up to eight minutes at a time, which added up to about two hours of wait time each day. With the new “West Portal,” trains now have a direct path from Atlantic Terminal to the rail yard. It was also noted that delays on the Brooklyn line often impacted Penn Station customers too, as they were forced to wait at Jamaica Station for a connecting train. An LIRR official said, “A direct pathway for LIRR trains traveling from Atlantic Terminal to an adjacent rail yard will reduce delays for tens of thousands of Brooklyn commuters.”

PRI is proud to help improve the daily commute of our friends and neighbors here on Long Island.  Whether it is the 9-5, Monday to Friday employee or a group of friends and family attending an event at the Barclays Center, no one wants to be delayed.  We are constantly working to improve travel across Long Island and NYC, so we can commute with our neighbors towards a better future, together.

“West Portal” article from Newsday writer Alfonso Castillo.