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PRI Inc. & Phoenix Contact Memo

PRI Inc. is proud to continue our partnership as a distributor for Phoenix Contact, especially in these uncertain times due to the COVID-19 outbreak. By continuing our distribution of Phoenix equipment we are helping to maintain numerous industries such as healthcare, energy, and transportation.

A letter from the Vice President & General Manager of Phoenix Contact;

‘On March 23, 2020, Phoenix Contact wrote to Governor Wolf providing supporting evidence that its business is “essential” under the Governor’s definition. Based on this belief, Phoenix Contact remains open as an “essential business” under the current restrictions set forth by Governor Wolf.

Phoenix Contact views Power Resources International Inc as a vital extension of Phoenix Contact’s operations. Power Resources International Inc provides crucial support of those customers who are in the critical sectors of infrastructure, such as energy, healthcare, transportation, communications, commercial facilities, defense and industrial manufacturing.

As a key distributor of Phoenix Contact’s products and technologies to these critical sectors, it is imperative that Power Resources International Inc continue to perform its distribution function to our customers.

Phoenix Contact thanks you for your continued diligence and support during these uncertain times.’

-Kevin Zak, March 26, 2020