Power Resources International, Inc. (PRI) is a proud business distributor on Long Island, New York. PRI is a key distributor to multiple local businesses to help satisfy their automation, control, power distribution and driver/motor needs. PRI has over 20 years of experience in getting our clients all the devices and products to fulfill their needs, no matter how obscure or special the job or item may be.

What sets PRI apart from the rest? With over two decades experience, we don’t just give our clients an item. We use our knowledge and experience to help them understand what they’re getting, why it is needed and how it will help them fix the problem they have or need to solve. This synergetic and solutions-based approach shows we truly care about all our clients’ needs. We are not just here to sell, we’re here to solve any and all of your automated production needs.

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To speak with a PRI sales team member, please contact us at (631) 643-3170 or